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What is Binge Watching?

Binge Watching is The Process of Continuously Watching Your Favorite TV Shows  or Multiple Episodes Back to Back. It is Also Known As Marathon-Viewing. It is Often Considered as Bad Habit


Wouldn't you consider yourself be the luckiest person in this world if could find a way to

Successful Nomadic Career

every month consistently streaming online on Netflix, Amazon Prime or even YouTube without having to worry 

Until The Last of This Page To Discover This Simple Yet Powerful Concept So You Know Exactly How To Convert Your So Called Bad Habit Into Money Making Habit.

Finding This Hard to Believe?

Look At These Facts and Analysis That You Can Verify Yourself and We Will Move To The Concept. These Data and Analysis are Published by World's Most Trusted, Most Subscribed and Authentic Publishers Like Forbes, CNBC and Statista.

Netflix's 2020 market capitalization ($235 Billion) the day before it's set to release third-quarter earnings. It's up nearly $100 billion in 2020 alone, making the 23-year-old streaming giant one of the 20 largest companies.

Amazon’s media assets, which include Prime Video, Prime Music and Twitch, are worth about $500 billion, making them almost as valuable as company’s giant cloud-computing business, according to Laura Martin, an analyst at Needham.


Thanks to global recession, the value of the worldwide entertainment and media market is projected to fall to two trillion U.S. dollars for the year 2020. However, the forecast for 2021 suggests revenue will once more rise to 2.1 trillion U.S. dollars.

The Steps To Making Money

This Simple Concept Will Give You Financial Freedom If You Can Just Patiently Enjoy Your Favorite Shows.

 You Just Have To Follow These Simple Four Proven Steps Before and After Binge Watching Your Favorite TV Shows For You To Get Success in This Cost-Effective Online Binge Watching Solopreneurship.

Watch Your Favorite Movies, TV Series and Other Shows You Love The Most All Day Long.

Collect Information on Your Favorite Celebrities, TV Characters, or Anything Related to The Show You Watched.

Curate & convert those documentation into different Digital Assets & find clients who are ready to pay for your digital Assets.

Here Are Three Simple Things You Need To Do Every Day Before and After You Watch Your Favorite Shows.



Research and Find Out Which TV Series, Movies and Shows People are Enjoying Currently in Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube or any Streaming Services and Watch it. Easy Right?



Document Information You Receive From Those Shows in Any Digital Format Like Text, Video, Graphics, Podcast, or Memes According To Your Desire. Nothing Hard Right?



Approach or Say "OKAY" to  Dollar Payers Who Wants To Use The Information You Have Collected Watching The Most Popular Shows of Current Time. Why Would You Say No, Right?

Bibek Thapaliya

This book helped me understand very clearly understand what millions of other binge watcher like me search on the Google, share on Social Media about Actors, Characters & Celebrities they Love which helped me build the my own Audiences. 

Bibek Thapaliya

Chronic Binge Watcher & Binge Watching  Solopreneur.

Niranjan Patel

I still remember those days when I was ashamed of Watching T.V.  After reading this book & following the few simple steps help bring massive success in creating my own online business around my favorite Celebrities. 

Now I am proud of my Bad Habit of Binge Watching.

Niranjnan  Patel

Former Binge Watcher

Aarzab joshi

This book has transformed my life.  The content I consumed before just for mere Entertainment purpose is responsible for generating more than $2000 every month consistently for more than 2 years.

Arjab Joshi

Still a Binge Watcher

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  • How can your Bad Habit of Binge Watching become a  Full Time Career?
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  •  How to Document message You Receive From Those Shows in Any Digital Format within hours?
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