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TV Shows. Make Your Binge Watching Career.

Be The Part of Highly Untapped Lucrative Career Opportunity for every single Binge Watchers No Matter What You Watch and Where You Live.

What is Binge Watching?

Binge Watching is The Process of Continuously Watching Your Favorite TV Shows  or Multiple Episodes Back to Back. It is Also Known As Marathon-Viewing. It is Often Considered as Bad Habit Especially By Parents

Watching TV all day

Wouldn't you be the luckiest person in this world if you earn $3000-$10000 every month chilling in your sofa at home and streaming online on Netflix, Amazon Prime or even YouTube?

Keep Reading Until The Last of This Page To Discover This Simple Yet Powerful Concept So You Know Exactly How To Convert Your So Called Bad Habit Into Money Making Habit. 

Finding This Hard to Believe?

Look At These Facts and Analysis That You Can Verify Yourself and We Will Move To The Concept

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Netflix's 2020 market capitalization ($235 Billion) the day before it's set to release third-quarter earnings. It's up nearly $100 billion in 2020 alone, making the 23-year-old streaming giant one of the 20 largest companies.



Amazon’s media assets, which include Prime Video, Prime Music and Twitch, are worth about $500 billion, making them almost as valuable as company’s giant cloud-computing business, according to Laura Martin, an analyst at Needham.



Thanks to global recession, the value of the worldwide entertainment and media market is projected to fall to two trillion U.S. dollars for the year 2020. However, the forecast for 2021 suggests revenue will once more rise to 2.1 trillion U.S. dollars.

These Data and Analysis are Published by World's Most TrustedMost Subscribed and Authentic Publishers Like ForbesCNBC and Statista.

The Concept is Very Simple

You Just Have To Follow These Simple Four Proven Steps Before and After Binge Watching Your Favorite TV Shows For You To Get Success in This Cost-Effective Online Binge Watching Solopreneurship.  


- Watch Your Favorite Movies, TV Series and Other Shows You Love The Most All Day Long.


- Collect Information on Your Favorite Celebrities, TV Characters, or Anything Related to The Show You Watched.


- Keep Those Information in Any Media Format Possible You Find Comfortable (Text, Video, Audio, Graphics).


- Find a Dollar Payer For That Information Online. (This Part is Exactly Where You Need Our Help and We Will).

We Help You Understand The Deal

Now, The Last Part of Concept (Find a Dollar Payer For That Information Online) Seems Impossible but the Method You Will Learn From us will Bring The Dollar Payer To You. There will be No Hassle for you to Sell Any Information You Have.

Tag Along With Other Big Online Entrepreneurs

This Concept Not Only Shows The Way To Online Earning But a Way To Online Living. This Will Make You Independent Just Like Many Other Active Solopreneurs. 

You Will Learn New and Easy Revenue Making Model

To Start Your Own Online Business

To Make Passive Income All Year Long

To Understand Multiple Digital Platforms That Makes Money For You

All This While Watching Your Favorite TV Shows All Day Long From Your Home.

We Teach You Step-by-Step Process in Detail to Build a Profitable Online Binge Watching Business With Virtually Unlimited Potential
Even If You Don’t Have a Lot of Time, Money, or So-Called Fancy MBA.

And because the System is Designed To Eliminate Risk, You’ll Learn The Same Secrets we used for making Pandemic Proof Career.

This is Delightful Meal From The Best Chef For Free

Yes, it is true. You are receiving all this for absolutely free, all tasty and ready served for you to have it.


While having free food looks normal, you must understand that it took lot's of energy, time and dedication to make it.

Most importantly, don't forget all the years that it took Chef to become Best.

Just like that, you are getting this proven idea for free.

But this is our decade of practice, series of experiment, implementation, testing, investing and much more.

Here Are Three Simple Things You Need To Do Every Day Before and After You Watch Your Favorite Shows.

Research and Find Out Which TV Series, Movies and Shows People are Enjoying Currently in Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube or any Streaming Services and Watch it. Easy Right? 

Document Information You Receive From Those Shows in  Any Digital Format Like Text, Video, Graphics, Podcast, or Memes According To Your Desire. 
Nothing Hard Right?  

Approach or Say "OKAY" to 
Dollar Payers Who Wants To Use The Information You Have Collected Watching The Most Popular Shows of Current Time.
Why Would You Say No, Right?

How Long For You To Cash In?

If You Follow the Earlier Mentioned Process of Proper Binge Watching and Collecting Information in Digital Format, You Will be Generating as much as $500 Every Month After Three Months.

To Make $3000 - $5000 Regularly As We Mentioned a Beginning, It Will Take About a Year to Fifteen Months Approximately.

To Earn $10000 Consistently You Need To Do More Than Collecting Information. You Will Know It When You Are Ready.

The Exclusive Secret No-One Else Will Tell You

If You Are Thinking How Can You Make Such Money in Short Time and Continue to Grow, We Will Tell You Now.

The Secret is This - "We Will Teach You Methods That Your Information Will Get Paid Every Day. Not Just Once. "

So, Your One Time Work Will Pay You Throughout The Year. You Do The Math Now.

Change Your Life Dramatically

When We Said You Can Work From Home, That Doesn't Mean You Cannot Work Outside Home.

Once You Start Making $3000 Every Month Consistently, You Can Just Travel and Work (In or Outside The Country). All You Need is an Internet Connectivity and Your Laptop. 

Wait, There is More To This!

Once You Start To Generate Enough Revenue, You Can Even Hire Binge Watchers For Yourself Who Will Give You The Collected Information. It Will Ease Your Burden If Circumstances Changes.

If You Follow The Process For Two Years and Generate $10,000 Revenue/Month. You Can Hire People and Train Them To Work For You While You Enjoy The Fruit From The Tree Planted At The Right Time.

Two Million Audience

At Change Schooling, We Provide a Platform For Talented Individuals to Expose Their Efficient Work To More Than Two Million Audience. 

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Bibek Thapaliya

Three Months With Change Schooling Team and I Was Ready To Blog. Of Course I Was One of The First Students and Got The Privilege To Call My Mentor Directly and Sit Face to Face. What a Blessing!

Bibek Thapaliya

Content Strategist

Niranjan Patel

After Change Schooling, I Have Never Looked Back For a Secured Job and I Don't Really Care. Today I Have 50+ Clientele and Satisfied Lifestyle.

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Digital Marketer

Aarzab joshi

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Arjab Joshi


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4. How to Convert Your Written Words and Thoughts into Graphics without Spending Hours Using a Graphics Designing tool like Photoshop & Illustrator?

5. How to Create Engaging and Informative Videos Quickly That Makes You Revenue?

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7. How To Find Dollar Paying Client For The Information You Have Collected Through Binge Watching From Your Home?

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Sure Shot Learning & Earning

When We Added Mr. Satkar Adhikari (Founder of Computing Castle)’s steps in our working process, we have touched many milestones.

It is Based On Proven 8 Step Formula That Every Entrepreneur Should Live By It. These Steps are Mantra For Success.

Start with inspiring yourself to take action only to listen only to right voices that helps you learn how to believe in yourself to implement what you believe so you can scale what you have implemented with huge success & ultimately guide others with knowledge & experienced gained in the Journey.
 - Satkar Babu Adhikari

Don't Know Where To Start?

Get Ready To Be The Next Big Online Entrepreneur While You Are Getting All This For Free. Start Immediately To Reach to Your Desired Goal. Do Not Procrastinate. 

About Us

Since 2015, we started partnership with a few enthusiasts who were dedicated to learn and earn.

Till now we have 14 partners, all capable of earning themselves providing much more value to the company.

As of 2020, each partner is taking home $1,000-$10,000 every month consistently depending upon the responsibilities they take.

We help aspiring content creators (Writers, Graphics Designer, and Video Editor) to make their earning from home and understand online platforms.

Also, we help professionals on these subjects to train aspiring content creators.

20 +

Binge Watching Projects

50 +

Virtual Project Manger

1000 +

Virtual Partners (Freelancers)

Our Mission

Our mission is to help young and aspiring online entrepreneurs to achieve their ultimate goal in the most efficient and technical manner.

We guide learners through step by step process to inspire and bring out the best in them.

Our Vision

We believe that everybody can grow to somebody from nobody, they just need to be guided. 

We are here to help all the people who want to work their way up in an online platform, whether beginner or expert.

Our bigger vision is to create a community of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who will later create more individuals like themselves.

Key Moments as Company

The thought of beginning Top Nepal (Nepal) and Computing Castle (Portugal) began in the mind of our company's CEO Mr. Sanjeet Acharya and Co-Founder Mr. Satkar Babu Adhikari.

But only if you know how it happened, you would be amazed and will start thinking how a simple idea or a click in mind can create a multi-million business from scratch.

About the Co-Founders


Sanjeet Acharya

CEO -  Mr. Sanjeet Acharya is the senior programmer and expert for Computing Castle Lda.

He has successfully proven himself in more than 50 projects leading other 10 programmers working for us.


Satkar Adhikari

Data Analyst & Marketing Expert - Satkar Adhikari is the CEO of Computing Castle.

He has been active in Blogging, YouTube, Digital Marketing and SEO since 2009-2015 in Nepal and in Portugal Post 2016.

He is an expert in Data-Analysis and has profound knowledge on Marketing too.

Meet Our Team

Our Team is Constantly Dedicated to Make an Impact on The Lives of  Young Learners and Online Entrepreneurs. Meet Out Team Who Are Working Day and Night to Make All Those Dream Come True.

Bibek Thapaliya

Content Strategist

Bibek Thapaliya is our current partner and Content Strategist. He is best at delivering the client's requirements and creating Content Strategy Framework.  He has been exceptionally successful in Blogging too. 

Niranjan Patel

Digital Marketer

Niranjan Patel is the partner and SEO Specialist of Top Nepal Since 2015. He is also the Digital Marketing Certified Associate and partner of our company. He completed his certificate of Digital Marketing and Applied Analytics from IIT Bombay.

Bikram Gyawali

Graphics Designer

Bikram Gyawali is an Expert Graphics Designer Who Believes in Quality Over Quantity and Always Delivers His Best Work. 

Pradeep Adhikari


Mr. Pradeep Adhikari is one of our best advisors on Research and Development Process. He has been advising us since 2016 and helped us to move always a step ahead than our competitors.