Let me tell you my story - a real story of my life.

I married young, just when I was 20 years old. My wife was the same age too and we fell in love when we were just kids. I was studying at grade 10 and she was at 8.

One of the reasons we married soon was because I was applying to study abroad in Australia.

The rate of securing a visa was almost 100% and we felt insecure that things might change if I moved abroad. We were so deeply in love and we wouldn’t want long distance to ruin our relationship in any way.

I talked with my current in-laws, my parents, especially my mother who was against the marriage but I convinced them this is for the better if I go to Australia. Still she was not understanding, but love right? 

I left no stone unturned to convince them.
The marriage date was fixed.
Then something was happening. I knew it was not good news when my visa didn’t come in 21 days. I called here and there, with the same results everywhere. Almost everyone was waiting for a visa. Didn’t know what was happening but it definitely wasn’t good.  

I couldn’t believe it, when there was news circulating that Australian government was not processing any application until further notice. I called my consultancy and it was officially confirmed that there won’t be any visa processing anytime soon.

It was mid 2013 and more than 2000 students including me were in this mess.

Also, the embassy decided that any applicant who decided to withdraw their application, will get their non-refundable visa fee back. This confirmed no one on that lot was getting any visa. So, I withdrew along with my friends. We were all devastated.

Now, what?

 I have already talked about our marriage and the date was fixed. My already not eager parents said that I shouldn’t marry unless going abroad is confirmed. But, my in-laws said that, everybody knew the marriage thing already and this will be a bad reputation for their daughter.

Young and Crazy us, decided to get married anyway, against all odds. 
So, We Married! Against the will of my parents. The worst part is that I stole that refunded visa fee which came into my bank account. And I used it for buying things for my marriage  instead of giving back to my family. 

I will not bore you with details of my marriage day and how me and my wife managed to do it on our own with a tiny budget.

Oh! You should have seen me and my wife in our ceremonial dress. We looked like kids posing in cultural dress. I look dreadful. Haha

We married anyway! You can call it a “बाल-बिबाह ”

This was not simply an ordinary marriage. It was an intercaste marriage. The feeling of going against my family for a girl I love and the fear of not being accepted heartly at home used to haunt me. 

I am from a Brahmin family with a strict mother and conservative father. My wife is from a Gurung family, her parents were a bit modern with their thoughts compared to my family.

At this point I had no job, because all I knew from childhood was that I will be going abroad for further studies and earn lots of money in dollars.

Going green, if you know what I mean.

My family drama immediately began like Indian TV Soap Operas. And I mean literally like Indian Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani where there is always chaos.

The same सासु-बुहारी anti shit. My mother complained about 200kg about my wife, and my wife complained about my mother the same amount to me everyday.

And me in the middle not knowing WHAT THE HELL  is going on or WHAT SHIT to do.

At this point me and my wife, we both have no jobs, no money, irritating home environments and apparently messed up situations.

When I say no money, I mean literally no money, and my ego wouldn’t let me borrow from family and I couldn’t work for a few thousand bucks only for anybody else.

I even got rejected for a student residence permit for Finland too.

One day there was a big fight in the house, and there was a sudden impulse for me and my wife to leave the house immediately. I remember this day exactly, it was September 21, 2015. I even wrote this date on the wall of my bedroom before leaving.

And here we were penniless, jobless but yes, we decided.

There are no words to explain the great sorrow of being unwanted, unloved, neglected, unappreciated, unaccepted, underestimated, unneeded, rejected, emotionally abused and overlooked at the same time.

I had nowhere to go, no place to stay and strained financially but being weak was not an option.

My best friend Yujesh (Who is a tech guy for Change Schooling’s content writing system) was my only option. I have gone through heaven and hell with him and he already knew my situation.

I knew he was obliged to help me if I surrendered myself to him. He was positive and promised me to get out of this mess.

Within an hour, I got a call from him that he had found rooms for rent in the Banasthali area but we had to take two rooms, one kitchen and a bedroom.

The rent was Rs 7,500 a month and I was worried sick. How was I gonna pay for it all without a proper job?. We had no options but we were not backing up.

We left home just in slippers and clothes that we were wearing and very few personal belongings including my laptop. 

Nobody stopped us while we were leaving the house. It was okay because I wasn’t stopping anyway. But nobody called me for months after we left home, which was something I still wonder. But now, I thank my parents for that. You will know later what I am thanking them for.

We reached the house that my friend searched.

MY GOD! Contrary to our expectations, the room was horrible and the house was on the main road, so lots of dust was entering through the window. There were cockroaches everywhere, the kitchen was UGGGHHH and bedroom walls were all wet from the leaked water from the bathroom.

Nobody to blame though, it was an emergency. What choice did we have?

“I have the photographic memory of my wife crying on her knees with her hand covering her face after seeing those horrific rooms and bathroom.” Today my situation is completely reversed and now I have more good memories than bad ones.

That day, we bought the cheapest mattress available, a pillow, and a bedsheet which we later used as a blanket for that night. The road was so busy all night, we woke up all dust covered. Even the closed window would let bit by bit dust slowly into the room. 

The next day India started an unofficial blockade on Nepal because of the recently passed constitution by our parliament on September 20, 2015. Now, you can imagine what must have happened to my mentality.

My best friend had provided me with a loan that would cover expenses for a month. I couldn’t thank him more and said I will return him when I can. He said “Whenever you can. Don’t worry”.

Not only money but, he also promised to give me a content writing job until I was engaged somewhere. He also said he will pay for the internet as soon as possible so that I can work from home and take care of my devastated wife at the same time .


My buddy paid for the internet connection on the second day, logged me into some system I didn’t understand, showed me some samples of how and what to write and I had a job just like that. 

He was confident in me because I had done IELTS and used to watch English Movies a lot. But this content writing job was so easy and I needed money at that time. 

It wasn’t the big buck job at that time but it was a lifesaver for me. At least, my fear of letting my wife sleep empty stomach was gone. I believe that I never prayed with tears in my eyes before. 

I would apply for different interviews for local jobs and even visit foreign employment agencies for any shitty job with burrowed shoes.

I also took some paid training hoping to get placement afterwards but to no avail.  And wrote content for a couple of hours when I was home. It was sufficient to stay alive but wasn’t enough. I used to get scared, what if my wife gets sick or if some unfortunate event would strike upon us. 

I was also scared to death that my relationship with my wife will turn sour due to surmounting pressure from the situation. I even thought she would leave me because of this situation. Now, I realized that I was wrong, I had a strong partner that everybody wished for.  

Beside this, living and giving a good life to my wife was now far from over at this moment. 

The dream of going and studying abroad and living up to my potential was shattered. Writing content was my only choice but not interest at that time. 

I was around Rs One Lakh in debt while settling my most basic requirements and room rent. Plus the debt was increasing continuously and with the debt, tensions too.

I was not getting any job and most of my time was consumed by taking suggestions from people on what to do next in my situation and looking for a job. 

I would manage to write some content just enough to live.

More Than Broken

Now, after three months of continuous job surfing, worthless training, giving many interviews and succeeding in none, I was hopeless. 

In three months, I realized that I need at least Rs. Three Lakhs in hand just to begin with and I needed the job that pays me more than Rs Twenty Thousand - and it was calculated. 

First thing was that, without a two wheeler, I couldn’t be in the places I needed to be in time. Also, I needed a good salary because moving around, it required a minimum of Rs 150/- per day even if I chose to spend money wisely. 

The only relief in all that misery was that my wife got the job placement  as a Receptionist at one of the Foreign Employer Agencies. It wasn’t much, was her probation period, and you know how it goes. 

Her salary would go to my landlord to pay rent  and my content writing job from home spending two hours everyday would buy us food for living

There was no weekend or even monthly celebrations for us. Upcoming festivals, birthdays or any functions would hurt me the most. Thoughts like, will I die this way and not seeing the way out was killing me.

The Only Place I Fit In

After all the failed attempts to get my life on track and after deciding that I am the unluckiest person in the whole damn town, I gave up looking for jobs and decided to stay home. Maybe I was just tired, but I decided I am not getting any job anytime soon.

I was then the ultimate loser, sitting at home just watching series all day long, thanks to the internet. But as it is said “Blessing in Disguise”, the puzzled and frustrated me got some time to think because it was the only time in months that I was not chasing anything.

Then one thing struck my mind. I was giving around two hours time for content writing and making enough to feed two of us. Why won’t I give 8-10 hours and quadruple my income? 

This thought didn’t hit me before because I never took the potential of content writing seriously. And I was only after jobs that would change my life dramatically. 

I called my bestie again who in the first place gave me that job and asked him “How much can I make if I gave full time in content writing?”. 

His reply was “It will be good.” My money-hungry mind at that time (Of course due to the crisis I was in) let me ask again “How Much?”. I needed numbers. He replied “As much as you can”.

At the end of this interesting conversation, he said “Visit the office once, I will make things clearer for you”. 

The next day, I visited him at the office. The earlier conversation we had on the phone about “Making Money as Much As You Can” was real. That literally doesn’t mean Billions of dollars, but yeah, could make lot’s of it. 

I asked him, getting a little bit frisky, why wouldn’t you tell me this months ago. To that, he said that I was not showing much interest towards writing and he didn’t want to put pressure on me because I was desperately looking for another kind of job. 

He was right. My frustration wouldn’t let me understand even if he had told me all this. I was running for something else. 

I called him a few days later and said “I need to understand more of this”. I already knew he wouldn’t deny me. He said, I will talk with the founder Mr. Sanjeet Acharya about letting you in for the week as intern/job whatever you want to call it. If you are really interested and prove your worth, maybe you can work with us.

More to my surprise, he convinced Mr. Sanjeet to pay me a minimum of Rs 12,000/- if I was staying there full-time.

I was so happy that he vouched for me.

I went to Change Schooling, all excited and nervous both because I had to show my game and wouldn’t let my friend down too. There were young people working already and most of them were working part-time just like I used to.

And about the thing my friend said “If you are interested and Proving Myself” thing, there was not much to prove because the work was a no brainer. I was just putting information in the correct order. An eighth grader would do that. 

There were few technical things, and I don’t mean “TECHNICAL-TECHNICAL”. I had to learn simple skills like adjusting the size of pictures, few research techniques  and managing content on CMS we were using at that time. That was it and was ready to roll.

Finally, understanding why I was writing certain types of content in a certain way made me an instant wizard. I was only writing the content that people want to read.

My Own Project Within a Month

Within a month of getting trained/job, whatever I may say, I understood the big picture here and I was ready to launch something of my own with the benefit of direct consultation with all my mentors.

I was a content creator and researcher and Change Schooling provided me all the tools. This was a dream come true for me at that time because I can work according to my idea, my style and at my time. What else would I need?

CS let me keep 60% of all the revenue generated and 40% was for all the supporting tools, website design, registration,  paid tools and few other technical help I required. The 60% that was for me was about Rs 45,000 - Rs 55,000/-, depending on revenue generated but never less.

I had tripled my income in just three months. Now, I wanted to work alone because I targeted to make more than Rs 70,000/month.

The Day CS Let Me Go

I talked with the office, that I wanted to work alone. Everybody understood that my motive was to grab more money in my pocket and they were okay because I was kind of their first trainee.

I still work with them for about a month after talking and finally it was official. I was also allowed to take the project I was already working on but had to pay 40% for 6 months as royalty and I was more than okay because I don’t have to do it from scratch.

As I have to pay royalties for a few months, to generate more income I had to start a new project one way or another. So, I began.

Now, as you knew at this point, I was a confident content writer.

But my problem began immediately since I was doing it alone. I will tell you why it became difficult for me. I will just tell you in points:-

  • What Name Should I choose?
  • How and where to buy a domain name?
  • Which content management system to choose?
  • What design would be better for me?
  • How to build a system that fits me?
  • How to set up server?
  • How to do proper SEO?
  • What Kind of Social Media Strategy will work best for my idea?

The list goes on.

I realized, If i had to do all these, it would cost me a fortune before I even started. Website designers were so expensive and Digital Marketers too.

Finally, I made a plan but it would take me 6 months just to start. I had no other way than to wait.  I needed help more than ever now because I was working alone.

Back To Change Schooling With The Intent of Learning More

My relationship with the ChangeSchooling Management Team and the  colleagues  there was profoundly good.

Again I got a second Opportunity to come back to Team after I was called for a short 30 mins meeting with the Management Team.

In the meeting, without any hesitation I put forward all the problems that I was facing working alone. It was no surprise that they were all very supportive and helpful to me. They always were.

The conclusion of the meeting was that they would teach me all the dynamics of Digital Marketing & Writing. But it would require some time to understand the flow and I had to keep my patience until I would understand the business model.

Till then we agreed to keep our earlier settlement and I was working full-time and learning all the technical stuff that is required for any writer to succeed in the digital era.

This was also not that hard for me.

Within a month I had built my own website, selected the  right server, and I was mentored in such a way that I could solve  all those problems with my own hands without having to pay the Web developers huge amounts of Money.

It was very simple and I saved a fortune for myself because all the labor cost that I had to pay web developer and designer was beyond my pockets. 

That day, I became a true entrepreneur. A man who clearly knew what I was doing and had a vision for my work and for myself too.

Living a Life Now

Since 2016 I have worked in many different projects independently and few with Change Schooling too. I have successfully created my own team and my own office. 

I am generating more than $5000 and saving myself around $1,500 after all expenses of my office.

Doing Content Writing work was not hard. There are times you have to change your strategy which is the nature of every business.

The biggest success for me was in 2020 when the whole world was shut down by COVID-19 Pandemic.

I had unknowingly chosen a pandemic-proof career. That’s why I thanked my parents a lot earlier and my buddy Yujesh because it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Because of them I have mastered the career with huge potential.  

My business was not hurt a bit except for a fact that I had to pay office rent when nobody was using it. But work was as efficient as ever because all my team could work from home as they used to work in the office.

In 2020, when the whole world was in chaos, all my problems were solved. I had saved pretty well till this point. 

This year, I called my parents and asked to resolve all the problems that we had earlier and live together as a family. I went back home with my wife and did a pretty amazing job with the renovation of our flat. We also added a few luxury items for better living including a small hatchback car.

I have also invested in a few places here and there. Invested for my wife in International Professional Make-Up Artist Courses worth more than $5,000 till now. 

Also, I bought a piece of land outside Kathmandu valley which I didn’t even dare to dream three years back. 

Now, I have a great passive income and never run out of money. I got my weekend fun back. I am always confident and travel a lot around the country. I also tend to enjoy all the parties and have fun any chance I get. 

My wife and I are planning to travel internationally for a month-long vacation after this pandemic. 

It could be anywhere, and I don't care because I can work from anywhere around the planet. I just need a laptop and internet.

I hope you all are safe in this Pandemic. Stay safe and don’t neglect this. It is real.

So, yeah! This is it. I don’t want to make it too long for you all.

Content Writing has given me a life that I wanted. What about you?

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I welcome you to start your journey as a content writer.

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