The Story: Who were Sanjeet Acharya and Satkar Babu Adhikari Before It Began?

Mr. Sanjeet and Satkar were just students (In their early 20’s) at Bachelors Level, unemployed, and spending most of the time at tea shops discussing politics and thinking about earning big money.

The only problem was, they didn’t know how to. At this point they haven’t met yet.

Most of the times, they would think that if they move out of country and reach prosperous countries like USA, Australia or any European Countries, they would have great life.

It was in 2009, Sanjeet and Satkar met for the first time while developing a website (It was their first project and haven’t earned yet).

Both young and energetic and also day dreamers, almost looking for the solution for same problem (i.e. How to earn $500 every month constantly?) bonded over the project and became friends quickly.

At first, their meeting would be about binge watching movies and playing games. The story of renting CD’s and DVD’s to watch Hollywood Movies might sound like a fairy tale to the young generations who are now playing PubG and streaming in Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and many of them are gifted iPads and Tablets even before they are born. 

Popular games were Mario, Dave and Road Rash and having the internet or TV cable at home was a matter of pride back in those days. They would have a fun time but at the end of the day, they would wish for a good opportunity on their way but wasn't.

How Does It Start?

Like everyday they met at a tea shop near Shankardev Campus, Putalisadak casually.

The first reason to go to that same tea shop everyday was to take a sip of milk tea and the second reason was to read multiple newspapers without having to pay for English papers like The Himalayan Times and The Kathmandu Post everyday. But this day was different.

Unlike other days, the cover story of English newspapers and even Nepali newspapers was flooded with the information on Spice Girl member Geri Halliwell, who had just visited Nepal.

It was like there were no other things happening in the country.

The tea arrived and they discussed Geri Halliwell, who was the hot topic and the celebrity they have seen on MTV frequently.

One of the reasons that the news became headlines besides Geri being a popular pop artist from Hollywood was that she wore a Sari and took a picture with the then Prime Minister of Nepal Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal holding hands.

This became the tea shop gossip for weeks at that time.

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Mr. Adhikari was clever enough to notice that all the newspapers which covered the story of Geri Halliwell were sold out within a few hours.

Normally, this wouldn’t happen, this was the day in a long time that every newspaper in every block was sold out.

The news of Spice Girl Singer was so hyped because so many people knew her already, especially youngsters.

While they were talking, one thing led to another and the conversation went to the popularity of Hollywood Celebs in Nepal. 

As both were binge watchers, they started talking about other Hollywood Celebrities who were popular in Nepal too like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Britney Spears and other wrestlers like The Rock and The Undertaker.

During the conversation, Sanjeet proposed Satkar “Why Don’t We Publish Popular Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Famous in Nepal through Blogspot?” to which Satkar Replied “Yeah, We can and We Know a Lot of Them”.  

Just like that, two binge watchers agreed upon something they can do easily and made few plans to attract Hollywood Celebrity Fans.

When it Became Exciting?

They set up a Blogspot Website and published few contents and the analytics was inbuilt.

The analytics used to show few visits from Nepal who were their friends whom they begged to watch their work.

But after a week later, there were visits from 35 different countries and they couldn’t believe their eyes. First thing was, nobody knew what just happened there.

Their confusion became clear when one of the foreign investors approached them to sell the product in their site.

This was just unbelievable, they couldn’t believe it and till now they haven’t thought that a tea shop random discussion would be worth it.

Further research made them know about Google AdSense and applied for it and now they could trace their daily income and analytics.

It just got interesting and interesting.

Receiving First Check

In three months, Satkar and Sanjeet received the check of $200 and shared $100 each.

That was it! It was the outcome of a few days of work and the understanding of the power of blogging online.

There was still so much to learn though but nobody to guide. Also, nobody would believe they received $200 working from home at that  time.

They decided to continue as usual and started learning on their own.

Jumping to YouTube

In 2014, they decided to explore YouTube and expand the business.

It too proved very fruitful with all that prior knowledge and understanding of content marketing.

The channels were named eCelebrityFacts, MyHowBook and HitBerry. Till now, these channels have earned $177,334.14 since they started.

Partnership Module

Since 2015, Top Nepal Started partnership with a few enthusiasts who were dedicated to learn and earn.

Till now it has 14 partners, all capable of earning themselves providing much more value to the company.

As of 2020, each partner is taking home $1,000 every month consistently.

Getting International

In 2015, Sanjeet and Satkar were taking $5000 home each and had 80 people working for them. What more they would wish for? Right?

In the end of 2015, Satkar proposed Sanjeet to make it international. Sanjeet, who already knew the potential of online earning didn’t hesitate to make a decision and agreed.

This was the idea that gave birth to “Computing Castle Lda” in Portugal.

Computing Castle is Successful Too

According to the plan they established a company “Computing Castle Lda” which they could operate virtually. Then Satkar moved to Portugal with his wife and a kid for a new venture.

The company has done exceptionally well and has generated revenue of more than $500,000 since 2015.

The interesting thing is that Satkar was working from his 20 Square Meter family apartment in Almada, Portugal.

CoronaVirus Pandemic, What Now?

Top Nepal and Computing Castle have a long journey and a great experience. It’s the bumpy ride that would be worth riding and best if we all ride together.

The starting of 2020 hit the world hard and bad. Nightmares started for people who lost their job due to the crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic. It was worse for people who survived on daily income. 

But blessed are those who could still make money working from home. Million dollar question is “How many people can earn enough working from home?”

Now, we are heading towards the new journey to Teach and Train the process that would clear the confusion about online earnings from the experiences we have gained for more than a decade.

Why Are We Sharing Money Making Process Now?

The main reason we are sharing this because of Covid-19 Pandemic.

( यो मन त हाम्रो नेपाली हो ! नेपालबाट कसैले काजु-बदम अनि मसला ल्यादिदा भन्दा गुन्द्रुक ल्याउदा खुसि लाग्छ युरोपमा )

While the world is suffering, COVID couldn’t hurt us a bit financially. But money doesn’t make us heartless, we felt the pain upon seeing our brothers and sisters crying in the streets for food.

We died from inside when policemen were beating people on lockdown and when a mother killed her baby and hanged herself due to hunger. That was enough!

What We Plan on Doing?

We plan to make more than hundred thousand people literate on an online platform for free in 2 years.

Yes! It’s a big deal but we are ready. We built from scratch, we will do it again!

Our actual plan is:

To help 10,000 Aspiring Content Creators to become Professionals

To Help 1,000 Professional Content Creator to be  Able to Train at least 5 Aspiring Content Creators

To help young Nepalese to join our Partnership Programme Just by Investing their time

This plan has bigger goals here. We know for sure this vision will help in decreasing the unemployment problems that young Nepalese living in Nepal and Abroad are facing due to the ruthless COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Story Mr. Sanjeet Haven’t Told Anybody

It was around 2006, before his journey began towards earning, when he was looking for a job to earn.

He came to know about a company which promised to give online jobs for data entry. 

The young Sanjeet felt excited and went to get the job. In the interview, he was convinced that if he took a training which costs Rs 12,000/-, his monthly earnings would be about Rs 15,000/- .

He took the training but to his dismay he ended up earning only Rs 3000/- in his first month.

Acharya felt so ashamed of himself because he felt he misused his parent’s money in vain. He regretted losing that money for a long time.

Till this day, he remembers how people with dreams are tricked with cheap strategies. 

This incident was one of the reasons his parents used to call him crazy when he told them that he could make money from home.

His few precious years were gone working for others because of this.

Now, Acharya and Adhikari both want to save many youths from falling for scams and cheap tricks.