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The “Terms of Use” here can be changed, updated and revised from time to time according to the company rule. All the changes will be effective right after it will be uploaded here. You will automatically agree to revised and updated terms if you continue to visit this website. We believe that you are familiar with our changing terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Along with these terms and conditions, you are expected to respect all the subjects of Privacy Policy. Please review our privacy policy to be updated about all the data collection and it’s uses. You are bound to follow the agreements of privacy policy including terms of use.  

Earning Disclaimer

The use of this website is also incorporated with the subjects of the company’s Earning Disclaimer. Please read our disclaimer page to know all the limitations of using this website and products/services of our company. 

Accessing The Website and Account Security

The company can amend and withdraw it’s website without any prior notice and we will not be responsible for any missing information or services provided. We can also restrict users including the registered one to some parts of our websites or the whole website. 

We may ask you to provide some of your personal information if you want to access parts of this website and use it’s resources. It is necessary that you provide all the correct and complete information if you are using any resources from this website and download any material. 

All the information you provided will be guided and governed by our company’s privacy policy and you are incorporated by it. 

We suggest that the information which is directly linked to your security like password should remain confidential. You should not share it with us nor any other entity. We also suggest that you keep your username and password to yourself and not to share with anyone including friends and family members. 

You should immediately notify us if your registered user account is breached and always log out or exit before the end of your session from our website. If you use a shared computer, you must confirm that your personal information, password and username is not recorded by other people who use it. 

It is within our right to disable any username, password or any identifier if we believe that you have violated and provisions of our Terms of Use, Disclaimers and Privacy Policies. This will cover, if we know or come to believe any irregular activities on our website 


You agree that all the resources available to you from our websites to download and use are all revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive. All these materials are available to you until you follow our terms and conditions.

You agree and warrant the company that you will not download or use this property against terms of use. You cannot use the resources in our pages that will, may or can overburden, damage, or impair and interfere with any party’s use and enjoyment of the same resources. 

You will only use the resources that are intentionally meant for you to use. 

Every part of the content like video, images, graphis, text and logos and any softwares used in this website is the intellectual and private property of the company or it’s suppliers and protected by copyright. You agree to abide by the proprietary notices and will not try or make any changes.

You are not allowed to sell, steal, transmit, publish, modify, reverse engineer, copy the work, and exploit it’s content in any way. This includes the materials that are available for you to download.

The resources of the company cannot be re-used for any purpose neither can it be sold by users and in any conditions, you cannot remove proprietary rights from any of the content including downloaded one. You agree to use the resources and content for yourself only and cannot use it or publish anywhere without written permission from the company. 

Besides the company, no other parties will be granted permission to use the content except the licensed party.

The designs of our logo, website, name, slogan and available products in websites are the trademarks of the company or its affiliates, licensed party and licensors. You can use all these trademarks with the written permission only of respected parties. 


As clearly mentioned in our Disclaimer, all the resources, content, and downloadable materials are strictly for informational purposes and education only. All this material should not be considered as professional advice. 

You must seek the help of professionals if you are taking any action after reading the contents here.


The company has done it’s best to provide accurate information on the website.  We will neither guarantee the accuracy of the content available and valuable for you. Company and ot’s employees will not take any responsibility for the inaccuracies and omissions . We are not liable for any actions that you might take.

You will solely be responsible for any actions and its consequences. There will be no guarantee that you will have a great experience or unworthy one. You solely bear the responsibility of any damages incurred by the use or non -use of any information available for download.


You agree to our Disclaimer and on that document – it is clearly mentioned that, we will not be responsible for any actions you take even if it is recommended or not. We do best to help all the visitors to this page but do not guarantee your success or failure. You must recognize that all the success or failure is directly related to your effort and other many controllable/uncontrollable factors. 

You also agree that any prior result of our clients or customer does not guarantee that your result will be the same. Different parties using the same knowledge in our websites might receive different results that might be varied due to different factors out of our knowledge.


All the communication between you and the company will be through electronic communications. The company will use email and other electronic communications that we provide for any kind of notices, disclosures, and agreements. You will also agree that all the legal requirements and communications will be in writing. 

The company is happy to communicate with you via email and you will also be able to communicate to us through different sites that will be listed on our website. The communications done via these e-mail and other electronic communications will not guarantee any business relationship or contractual relationship. 

We will make sure your communications will be secured and never disclosed to the public or any parties. However, we do not guarantee it in case of court order.


Our Website may contain chat areas, related groups, related communities, bulletin board services, blog comment sections and other various areas where you can communicate with one or more people or parties at once. You agree to use such communication to receive and send messages only related to a particular conversation of origin of that area and not to any alternative purpose.

When you are using the communication services provided by the company’s website, you will not communicate in the manner that will harass, defame, threaten, abuse and violate any legal rights (rights such as privacy and publicity) of others. 

You cannot communicate, upload, post, or share any obscene, indecent, profane, unlawful, and defaming topic, material or any resources and names. 

You can only post any material and softwares that is protected by intellectual property if that is yours only. In any other cases, you cannot post, upload or share these kinds of resources. 

You cannot upload corrupt files that contain viruses and any such softwares that might damage other party’s computers. 

You agree not to use such communications to advertise and sell your products for any business purpose. You can not claim other’s intellectual property as yours when you posted or uploaded it and cannot deliberately erase any proprietary information on the resources. The users also can not agree to collect personal information like email address and other details about any other users for any purpose without their consent. 

The company may or may not monitor your communication on the website but in case of monitoring you we have sole right to delete or remove any materials, post or content that we find inappropriate. The company can even revoke your right to use our resources without notice for any reasons. 

You agree to the right of the company to disclose any information, if in case, applicable to law, legal process or court order. 

All the users must be cautious when giving your personal information and personal identifier to anybody in our website’s communication. We do not control any content unless we believe it to be abusive and violating somebody’s right and therefore we are not liable if you give away your personal information in communication to another party. 


You agree to give the right to the company and its affiliates to copy, display, transmit, distribute, edit, translate and reproduce after you submitted, post or upload any material. Although the company will not claim any ownership of any material submitted by you in any form.

There will be no compensation to any submitted material resources by you. The company has no obligation to to use your submission or remove it at its sole discretion.

Your submission is that you agree to claim all the ownership of materials you posted, uploaded or shared. You agree to represent any resources that you submitted. 


The links you will find in our company pages are for your convenience and it does not mean we endorse the pages or products on those links. The referred websites are not in control of the company and we are not responsible for any content available there. We only link the websites if we believe that can be helpful for you. 

There will be some services available on our website that are from third parties. By using the service and product of a third-party on our website, you give consent that we can share your information with them if we have a contractual relationship with them. 


You will be using templates or any kind of form for the downloading and sales purpose. You will only have the right to use it when filling the form for such purpose. This use of this kind of form is limited to only filling and submitting but no other purpose of any kind. 

You cannot replicate, copy or share these templates and forms as these are the intellectual property of the company. You cannot use this form in any manner except filling it. 

The forms and templates you download or purchase can be used for your personal purpose only. You cannot sell or distribute it without the written permission of the company.


The company will provide paid or free courses, materials and any programmes from time to time collectively known as “Products”. You agree that you have only a limited license to these products for your personal use and internal business purposes. You cannot copy, share publicly, re-distribute or sell it. Also, you cannot use it in any manner that can hamper it and the company. 

You agree to use the purchased or downloaded courses for yourself or your business use only. It can not be sold or distributed without the company’s written consent.

By purchasing our courses, you agree that you can not copy the work exactly or in a similar way nor you should offer any competing products or services to our products..


You can use the free downloadable content in exchange for your email address. By using the content you agree that it will be used only for personal purposes and your own business use but not to make other income for yourself by the use of that product. 

Any use of free content besides personal purpose is permitted only by written consent of the company.


The company can provide different materials, resources, podcasts, guest blog or any information for the third-party or guests in any medium. We are not in control of their information and neither are we responsible for investigating the authenticity and accuracy of those products. 

Individuals or any third party who appears as a guest on any of our podcasts, interviews or videos offered by us agrees to transfer all the intellectual property to the company. We have all the right to use such resources as we may like.


The company wants all the users who purchase our products to be satisfied. We further encourage you to apply all the ideas and strategies that we offer for success or at least demonstrate that you have tried to implement all those strategies to get the desired results. 

The refund policies of the company are different according to the products. While purchasing the products of our page, you agree to fulfill all the criteria refund policies. You will know all the criteria for product refund at the time of buying the product.  

If you apply for refund by meeting the given criteria, then you will automatically be revoked the right of the product in every way.  


The company will not provide any warranties regarding any operations and performance of this website. Also, we make no warranties for any expressions or implied information, contents and its resources and products. We disclaim all or any kind of warranties at all.


You agree to absolve any kind of liability that you may incur from using the resources, contents, free or purchased materials from this website. The company is not liable to compensate for any kind of damage, both direct or indirect, incurred to its users from the use of its website. 

There might be few inaccuracies and typographical errors in the materials, softwares, and products from our website. In such cases, the company makes any kind of improvements at any time.

The company and its suppliers or third parties do not make any commitment to the reliability, accuracies and suitability of the contents, information, education materials, softwares and products. The company and suppliers do not make any warranties and disclaim any warranties on any products on this website. 

The company is not liable for any kind of damage in any way from the use of our products. If you can not agree to the “Terms and Conditions” you can discontinue to use the website.


You agree to waive all the claims that you may have, now or in the future regarding our website and the company. You also agree that you have no claims to the contract you have with the company and its products. 

If you attempt to claim any things regarding the company and its products, you agree to do so through binding arbitration that will occur in Kathmandu, Nepal. You further agree that there will be no class arbitration and you will be solely responsible for all cost of initiating arbitration and administering it. 


Our products and operations are controlled strictly from Nepal. If you are a user living outside Nepal you agree to use this website in compliance with local laws. 

You also understand and agree that you will only access the content of our website in respect to the laws of Nepal.


You agree to indemnify the company, it’s employees, third-parties, its directors for any damages and losses, costs (including attorney’s fees if occurred), expenses and liabilities that will occur by the use of this website by you; including the damages made by you by posting and violations of any terms and conditions of this agreement. 

You agree to fully cooperate with the company  in the matter of indemnification.


The company has full right to terminate and restrict the right to visit this website of any user without any prior notice for any reason. You agree to resolve all the disputes with the Arbitration Clause above. 


You agree that by using this website you do not enter into relationships with this company like partnership, joint venture and employment. You can not claim any kind of relationship based compensation by using a website. 


You agree to all the conditions and provisions on “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy Policy” and “Earning Disclaimer” to constitute all the agreement between the company and the users and it will supersede all the prior communications, written agreements between users and the company. 

You also agree that all the agreements and communications will be in English Language.


You must be reviewing the terms of the company from time to time as it is in the company’s sole discretion to change it at any time without any notice. 


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